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Team: All teams with at least 3 entries will receive an award unless they specify otherwise.

Individual Event: All participants will receive at least a placement ribbon on every event.  

Individual All-Around:  All participants will receive a placement and a medal.

**Awards are not required to be given to late entries.

Entry Fees

Team:  No Team Entry Fee



In House: $50; Off-Site: $60  

Admission (Daily): 

IIn House: $6; Off-Site: $10 (maximum) 

Procedure: Once you enter via beyond the scores, you must then submit a hard copy of the roster and a check. You can email the roster, but you must send payment before deadline.

Late Entries:  If you miss the deadlines, it is at the meet director’s discretion to allow entry. League Guidelines for awards will not be required for late entries.    

Minimum Age:  Age 4 by League Championships (no diapers allowed)

Time Limits


Level 1-3:

45 seconds      


Level 4/5/Xcel:

1 min        



 See individual levels for vault warm-up and competition rules.

Session Info

 Session Size:


USA Gymnastic session size limits, see USAG R&P or contact an experienced host.



  • League session may start no earlier than 4:30 on Fridays. As a courtesy, please notify any teams that would be competing by themselves.

  • Host gym should advise well in advance if any groups need to be split.  

  • Be sure to check with the host gym if you want an air board (or other specific equipment).

  • Coaches need to take responsibility to know and understand league guidelines.

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